autoservizi salemi - free wi-fi on board

Autoservizi Salemi offers you free wi fi connection on board. To connect your device, follow the instruction:

Connect the device to Salemi WI-FI BUS and you’ll see the page FREE WI-FI ON BOARD to do the LogIn

If you don’t have Username and password, you have to sign up clicking the link (If you are not yet registered, click here”

– in the form, fill your Name/Surname/Phone number;

– wait a text message where there will be your surname and password;

– back to the webpage of LogIn using the link 

– do the login and use the browser and the device’s applications.


  1. The installed wi-fi modems are connected to internet through sim cards 4g – so they are subject to coverage of the telephone operator;
  2. Each user has a data package of 300 Mb to connect during the day 
  3. Upon reaching the threshold of 300 Mega available the system will not allow new connections using the same credentials until midnight the next day.

In case of problems or 

In case of problems or malfunctions write to the following e-mail address indicating the company number of the bus (ask the crew).