Covid-19: rules of passengers’ behaviour for their health

Communication about Covid-19 emergency

All Autoservizi Salemi vehicles are subjected to sanitization, sanitization and disinfection in the terms and in the manner established by the Ministry of Health and the Higher Institute of Health.

When boarding the vehicle, the passenger implicitly declares to have a body temperature not exceeding 37.5 This is because it could not be easily admitted on board.

IF POSSIBLE, we ask the PASSENGERS to maintain the safety distance of at least one metre, established by the Health Authority, in relation to other passengers and to the company driving staff.
Seats 1 and 2 (behind the driver) cannot be occupied.

In case it is not possible to maintain the minimum safety distance, passengers are invited to wear the appropriate personal protection devices – mask and gloves – and in this sense we ask the passengers to have them before boarding.

The passenger must be on board with the ticket in hand and facilitate the obliteration so as to stop as little as possible in the corridor. The descent of passengers is only allowed from the rear door, with the exception of the front door which is then closed.

Before boarding the vehicle, passengers are invited to complete the descent operations of the other passengers and to always ensure that the safety distance of one metre is respected.

Finally, passengers should be aware that failure to comply with these provisions may lead to the interruption of this service by the competent public authorities. The driver staff reserves the right not to admit on board passengers without masks and gloves.