10 reasons to travel by bus


Incredible! On the buses there are still people who don’t have their smartphone in hand and look out the window.
(_luilla, Twitter)

If you like travelling, bus is the ideal vehicle to understand the voyage meaning. It should seem out-of-date in a frenetic time but a travel by bus gives you a sense of freedom.

Travelling without driving, enjoying the landscapes, discovering new details: it’s possible on the bus.

A trip on bus is romantic: you can cultivate dreams and expectations, new friends and usual companies.

It’s free time to dedicate to yourself, even just for reading a book.

Travelling by bus has several practical and concrete advantages, let’s see them together.

  1. Safety
    According to statistics the bus is an extremely reliable means of transport. All major companies have modern fleets, high-tech touring coaches with active and passive safety devices. When you get on a bus, travel serene.
  2. Saving money
    The bus doesn’t have competitor: despite the success of low-cost flights, it is even easier to find affordable prices on long national bus routes, without having to book in advance. However, the maximum fare never exceeds a threshold of “acceptability”, unlike what happens with air tickets, which can rise up to cost several hundred euros.
    Surely you spend much more if you decide to make the same journey by car, and not always the rates of trains are just as convenient.
    The price reductions for children and the elderly are always operative and consistent.
  3. Connection
    A bus can get anywhere, like your car… just have a road. Even today it remains the most popular means of passenger transport in the world, because of its characteristic: it links small towns and big cities, serving a large number of destinations where other means will never reach in.
  4. Comfortable
    There aren’t no longer the “couriers” of the past! Modern coaches are living rooms with wheels. Air conditioning, assigned seats with large and comfortable armchairs, reclining until it turns into a real chaise-longue: a relaxing journey to the fullest. On board free wi-fi and power sockets to power your technological devices. The toilet never misses on long-distance routes.
  5. Bus stops
    The bus terminals are always within the city, often in the historic centers. You arrive directly at your destination, in areas well served by other means of urban transport that allow you the best mobility. In many cases, the bus makes several stops during the crossing of larger centers, you can choose where to board or get off according to your needs.
  6. How to buy tickets
    You don’t need to book in advance months and months! The ticket is very easy to buy – online is very simple – but you also have many other options: most companies have a network of agencies and ticket offices on the territory. You can pay in cash, with an ATM or by credit card, and you can often buy it directly on board.

    On the shorter routes, the ticket is not necessarily registered. And even on longer routes, your data is enough, you don’t have to worry if your ID card is not in perfect condition.
  7. Refund for cancellation
    In 99% of cases, the bus ticket is fully refundable up to 48 hours before departure, if you use the credit for a future trip. If you want to recover the money spent, the penalty is small and the procedures for cash reimbursement are simple and fast.
  8. In case of disability
    Passengers with disabilities and reduced mobility are welcome on buses! Within the limits of the technical possibilities of embarkation, stay on board and personal safety, the right to travel is always guaranteed, under the same tariff conditions. In cases where there is a need for assistance, the hostess usually travels free of charge, in case the passenger is 100% disabled.
  9. Baggage
    On bus, there is an ample space for the luggage transport: the restrictions are certainly the least restrictive in the public services, the weight of your luggage is not particularly relevant and the size is not mandatory. The drivers help you to put them in the hold, and when you arrive in a couple of minutes you are already disembarked.
  10. Pet transport
    Are you a pet-lover? The bus is your ideal vehicle! Many companies allow you to bring your pet with you, respecting other passengers and with the necessary limitations. Be informed of…