Regional Travel Regulations


Travel Regulations.

ART. 1 – Scope and purpose of the Regulations.

ART. 2 – The travel ticket.

ART.3 – Rates.

ART.4 – Luggage.

ART.5 – Transport of pets.

ART.6 – Cancellation, delay, curtailment of trips. Refunds.

ART.7 Waiting for aircraft at airports.

ART. 8 – Withdrawal by the passenger. Refunds.

ARTICLE 9 – Duties of the passenger.

ARTICLE 10 – Jurisdiction.

ARTICLE 11 – Closure regulations.
ISSUE 1/2008 – Revision 05 of 16.05.2013

ART.1 – Scope and purpose of the Regulations.
1. The regional bus services provided within the territory of the Sicily region by Autoservizi Salemi Srl, with registered office in Marsala, Via Salemi 97, shall be regulated by the provisions of these Travel Regulations.
2. The Company to which the passenger shall submit any claims, of any kind and nature, is always and only Autoservizi Salemi Srl regardless of whether the passenger purchased the ticket from another company.
3. On purchasing the travel ticket the passenger implicitly declares to know, accept and comply with the provisions of these Regulations.

ART. 2 – The travel ticket.
1. The travel ticket must be purchased before the start of the service, from authorised ticket offices or travel agencies affiliated with the Company. It is also possible to purchase tickets on line from the company’s website or other affiliates. In this case, the purchaser will be required to provide identification data (Personal data of travellers will be processed by Autoservizi Salemi Srl using electronic and hard copy systems, in full compliance with Legislative Decree 196/2003 “Personal Data Protection Code” according to the principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency, for purposes strictly connected and instrumental to the management of the travel documents and the provision of transport services). Payment for tickets purchased on-line can be made by credit card or using the SISAL system within a specific period which will be communicated at the time of booking and communication of the reservation number, which is necessary to effect payment and issue the travel document. On completing the payment procedure, the system will provide the ticket indicating the assigned seat number(s).
In very exceptional circumstances, it is possible to purchase a ticket on board the bus directly from company personnel, and in any case subject to availability of seats. There is a surcharge applied to tickets purchased on board.
2. To purchase a ticket you need to make a seat reservation. The reservation of seats takes place during the ticket issuing phase. It is possible to change a trip, whether it refers to a single ticket or season ticket, at any authorised ticket office or using the ON-LINE procedure on the company’s website or via smart-phone. Passengers without a reservation for the trip indicated on the ticket or who have not changed their booking will not be allowed to board the vehicle.
3. Tickets are personal and document the conclusion of the transport contract solely between the Company providing the service (hereafter also referred to as the “carrier”) and the purchaser of the ticket the route specified therein. The liability of the carrier is deferred to the time the service starts. The carrier is not responsible for any theft, robbery, assault or any harmful event users are involved in at ticket centre waiting rooms.
4. The ticket is personal, non-assignable and non-transferable. If season tickets or standard tickets are issued in various names, the carrier is under no circumstances liable if false information is provided by those applying for the tickets during the original ticket issue procedure.
5. The term “route” means the trip that the travel ticket refers to: it will be identified by the indication of the place of departure, the destination, the day/month/year of the journey and the time of departure. When the ticket is issued, the traveller is required to check the information on the ticket, to avoid incurring the penalties applicable to changes.
6. If, at the time of departure, the passenger presents a ticket/pass as a travel document valid for the trip but issued in the name of another person, the passenger will be required to purchase a new travel ticket, subject to the availability of seats, to use the service.
7. The passenger is obliged to retain the ticket for the duration of the journey and show it to the carrier’s personnel as and when requested. Passengers found on board the bus without a travel ticket is required to regularise their position by paying the standard rate for the entire route, plus a penalty equal to 100% of such rate.
8. Ticket coupons must only be detached by company personnel assigned to such activities. Any coupons detached by mistake by company personnel must be signed and returned to the passenger.
9. Single or round-trip tickets are only valid for the day for which they were issued and are non-refundable. Travel documents which entitle passengers to a multiple number of trips (i.e. season tickets) indicate all valid routes, expiry dates and any additional terms of use. No refunds are applicable to any trips not taken within such deadlines.
10. No refund is due in case of loss, alteration, destruction of travel documents. It is not possible to issue duplicates.
11. All the information on the service timetables may be subject to change. Any such information, therefore, must be confirmed at the time of ticket purchase.

ART.3 – Rates.
1. Autoservizi Salemi Srl applies the rates approved by the Sicilian Regional Authorities or other competent body.
2. The applicable rate shall be that in force on the day of the journey. In the case of changes to rates during the validity period of the ticket, the applicable rates are those in force on the date of ticket issuance.
3. There are discounts applicable to round-trip tickets. Round-trip tickets are issued with a fixed non-refundable return booking.
4. Discounts may also be granted to certain categories of travellers regulated each time by specific warnings and notifications to the general public.
5. Except in cases of necessity and urgency, minors aged 16 and under can not travel alone unless accompanied by an adult passenger, whereby the latter must have appropriate authorisation, written and signed by the person exercising parental authority, and issued to the Company providing the service.
6. Passengers are not allowed to carry children of any age in their arms. It is mandatory for the passenger to purchase a ticket for the child who must occupy a seat, for travel safety reasons and to safeguard the child. The carrier shall not be liable for any injuries suffered by the child and/or the person who illegally travels holding him in his arms, even if the injury is causally related to an event directly attributable to the liability of the carrier.
7. Rates can be changed/adjusted without prior notice, subject to the provisions of paragraph 2.

ART. 4. – Luggage.
1. The cost of the ticket does not include payment for the transportation of passenger luggage, which is provided by the carrier as a courtesy service to boost user satisfaction.
2. All luggages must consist of closed containers such as suitcases, boxes and similar, for convenience sake also referred to hereinafter as “luggage”. Each passenger is entitled to carry one item of luggage which must be placed by the passenger himself, and under his own responsibility, in the luggage compartment of the bus that is UNATTENDED. No exceptions are permitted except, in compliance with the equal rights of all passengers, there is sufficient space available in the luggage compartment.
3. Each item of luggage must not exceed the dimensions of 160 cm (length + width + height) and a maximum weight of 20 kg. The carrier may refuse to board luggage that is not compatible with the company’s standard vehicles and/or could affect the safety of travellers and the trip, as well as the integrity of the luggage of other passengers. The transportation of bicycles, where compatible with the size of the luggage compartment, is subject to the fee of Euro 10.00.
4. Each passenger is entitled to carry onboard a small item of hand luggage whose dimensions must be compatible to fit inside the relative overhead cabinets (30x20x10).
5. It is not permitted to carry weapons or ammunition on board the bus. It is not permitted to carry flammable, explosive or otherwise dangerous or harmful materials on board the bus. It is not permitted to carry contraband or illegal goods on board the bus. The same prohibitions apply to luggage placed in the luggage compartment.
6. Passengers who violate the prohibitions referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be personally and directly responsible to third parties and to the relevant authorities. The Company owning the bus, however, reserves the right to seek compensation for any damages, of any nature, which should occur due to the misconduct or illicit behaviour of passengers.
7. The carrier shall not be liable for any loss of luggage, whether taken by passengers inside the cabin of the bus (so-called hand luggage) or placed in the luggage compartment. All luggage is unattended: the carrier is not liable for damages caused luggage by the fault of the passenger or due to the particular nature of the luggage or its packaging. The carrier has no custody and supervision obligations concerning luggage, for which the passengers are fully responsible.
8. The carrier is only responsible for the loss of baggage if directly attributable to the same and, in any case, within a maximum limit of Euro 103.3 per item of luggage, with a maximum limit of € 206.6 per passenger as established by Law 450/1985 and subsequent amendments.
9. Claims for loss or damage to luggage must be made by the passenger to company personnel immediately upon arrival. The same must be subsequently confirmed in writing, accompanied by a copy of the statement made to a public authority, within 10 days of the end of the trip, and sent to the Management of the Company that provided the services, under their own personal responsibility for the statements contained therein.
10. Transportation of packages and parcels for third parties is not permitted.

ART. 5 – Transport of pets.
It is permitted to travel with pets during the day, for which a full ticket must be purchased, as long as the pet is small and housed in a special travel cage. The cage can not be placed on the seat but on the floor of the bus. Passengers travelling with pets shall be liable for any damage caused to the bus, to property or to other passengers. If the pet creates disturbance, the driver is entitled to ask the passenger to leave bus, without the right to any refund.
Dogs accompanying the blind are most welcome, free of charge.

ART. 6 – Cancellation, delay, curtailment of trips. Refunds.
1. The carrier will not accept any liability for delays or cancellations of trips due to strikes or adverse weather conditions or any other cause beyond the control of the carrier itself.
2. If the service is interrupted due to force majeure or by order of Public Authorities, passengers are only entitled to be accompanied to the departure point, with no refunds on tickets.
3. If the service is interrupted due to events for which the carrier is liable, passengers have the right to be accompanied to the departure point and refunds on tickets. If, however, the carrier ensures continuation of the journey, passengers shall not be entitled to any refund, regardless of the delay.
4. If a passenger interrupts his trip of his own will or, at any rate, by his own decision, he is not entitled to any refund or special service.
5. In the cases provided for above, regardless of cause, and even if attributable to the Company providing the service, the latter is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to passengers.
6. The carrier is not responsible if passengers miss connections with other carriers providing transportation whether by land, sea, air or rail, whatever the cause of the delay on the expected arrival time of the service, except for any special provisions agreed upon beforehand.

ART. 7 Waiting for aircraft at airports.
1. Where authorised by the relevant authorities, parking for up to 30 minutes in transit at airports that may consist in specific set time bands. It may be possible to wait for the last aircraft. Such information shall be made available to passengers through publication on the company’s website and distributed on time schedule flyers available at ticket centres and on board the buses.

ART.8 – Withdrawal by the passenger. Refunds.
1. Passengers can not withdraw from the contract.
2. In case of withdrawal, passengers shall not be entitled to a refund of the ticket.

ARTICLE 9 – Duties of the passenger.
1. The passenger must arrive at the bust stop at least five minutes before the time of departure to facilitate boarding operations.
2. Passengers must maintain a certain level of conduct during the trip following the ordinary rules below. They must not damage the bus, and shall be held liable for any damage caused to the Company owning the bus. They must not behave in a way as to cause annoyance or harassment to other passengers and company staff. Eating onboard is forbidden for reasons of hygiene. However, it is possible to eat pastries and snacks, taking care not to soil the seats and floor of the bus. Passengers must not carry harmful or otherwise dangerous or illegal materials on board the bus or in the luggage compartment.
3. Smoking on the bus is strictly forbidden. Violators will be prosecuted by law.
4. Company staff are entitled to refuse boarding to passengers who are obviously drunk, and may request intervention by the police if necessary.
5. Passengers must comply with the requests and warnings that company staff may decide to impose for the safety of passengers, and shall be held civilly liable in case of default, where such non-fulfilment causes damage to the vehicle owned by the Company or other passengers .
6. Passengers must take all necessary precautions concerning the security and safety of themselves and the persons and/or property under their custody.
7. Passengers are obliged to act in good faith, also at the time they sign the contract.
8. The carrier is not liable for damage caused to itself or other passengers by users following illicit conduct, or otherwise not in accordance with the rules of ordinary conduct.
9. Company staff is authorised to oblige passengers to disembark from the bus (with the intervention of the police where necessary), following misconduct or other forms of harassment, and entitled to take all necessary action for compensation for any damage caused to the vehicle or the service.

ARTICLE 10 – Jurisdiction.
The Court of Marsala is granted full jurisdiction over all and any disputes.

ARTICLE 11 – Closure regulations.
1. The provisions of the Italian Civil Code, as applicable, and all sector regulations are applicable to all matters not expressly provided for in these Regulations .
2. The Company is at liberty to amend and supplement these Regulations at any moment in time. The updated Regulations will always be available to users at the Company ticket offices, affiliated travel agencies, at all authorized resellers and on the company website